YANKEE AIR PIRATES: U.S. Air Force Uniforms and Memorabilia of the Vietnam War

Vol.1: Command & Control • Tactical Control • Forward Air Control • Rescue • Electronic Warfare • Air Police/Security Police

Autore: Olivier Bizet, François Millard

Codice: 2311202

€ 110,00

- splendidamente illustrato, tutto a colori, presenta le uniformi e gli equipaggiamenti dei piloti statunitensi impiegati in Vietnam. Altri volumi in preparazione.

Yankee Air Pirates is a highly detailed look at United States Air Force uniforms and equipment as used during the Vietnam War. This comprehensive book – the first of a multi-volume set – presents hundreds of Air Force named items in over 900 full colour photos, giving the reader a precise insight and reference covering fifty-eight Air Force units. Flight suits, utility shirts, jungle jackets, headgear, insignia, weapons, plaques, souvenir lighters, and many theater-made items are featured to illustrate the history of both flying and ground units. Topics covered in this initial volume are: Command & Control, Tactical Control, Forward Air Control, Rescue, Electronic Warfare, and Air Police/Security Police units. An extensive chapter offers a detailed review of uniforms, headgear, and footwear, referenced by model and date.




Circa 900 foto a colori