Wolfe's Army

Autore: Robin May

Codice: 228H001048

€ 16,50

Una splendida collana di volumi illustrati dai più famosi disegnatori: ogni opera offre una panoramica sintetica ma completa sulle uniformi, le insegne, gli equipaggiamenti, ecc. di famosi corpi militari dalle legioni romane alla seconda guerra mondiale e oltre.

The British victory at Quebec in 1759 was a landmark in the history of North America. In this 'year of miracles', according to Horace Walpole, one could 'never afford to miss a single copy of a newspaper for fear of missing a British victory somewhere'. Of all the pivotal figures in the Seven Years' War, a cast which included George Washington, Sir William Johnson, Lord Howe and Montcalm, Major-General Wolfe remains etched most deeply in Americans' memories for his heroic leadership at Quebec. Enhanced by illustrations and photographs, this book focuses on the British forces throughout their disastrous and triumphant wilderness campaigns which ultimately ensured the birth of the English-speaking United States of America.