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89 warpaint lancaster cover_171.jpg



Autore: Tony Buttler

Codice: 244DM021089

€ 22,50

Serie di illustratissime monografie, dedicate agli appassionati di aeronautica e ai modellisti, ogni volume presenta una panoramica dettagliata dell’aereo preso in esame: la storia completa, piani in scala 1/72, disegni in dettaglio, lista di kit, decals e accessori, superbi disegni a colori di camouflage, fotografie a colori e in bianco e nero, lista completa della produzione, elenco degli squadroni e delle unità, lista dei numeri di serie e dei codici dei singoli aerei. 

The Lancaster is one of the most famous and charismatic military aircraft of all time and in World War II was responsible for several spectacular RAF operations. Indeed it was the most successful RAF bomber during the conflict and Tony Buttler's text in this substantial new Warpaint looks at the type's design and development, the highlights of its wartime career, its post-war career, overseas service and use as a trials and test aircraft. Until 1945 the type was operated almost exclusively as a bomber and so it did not move into other roles until the conflict was over, but its use in experimental work provides the modeller with many one-off modifications to the airframe. The text is complemented by a series of new and unique colour profiles created by Richard J. Caruana plus a substantial number of previously unpublished or rarely seen photographs, particularly in regard to these one off modifications. The volume also includes 1:72nd scale plans, production and serial details and lists of operators.




Illustrato con foto e disegni al tratto


21 x 30