The Boer Wars (1) 1836.98

Men at Arms n. 301

Autore: Ian Knight

Codice: 228H001301

€ 15,50

Una splendida collana di volumi illustrati dai più famosi disegnatori: ogni opera offre una panoramica sintetica ma completa sulle uniformi, le insegne, gli equipaggiamenti, ecc. di famosi corpi militari dalle legioni romane alla seconda guerra mondiale e oltre.

Over the space of two centuries, the original Dutch settlers of South Africa, augmented by a trickle of refugees from a succession of religious wars in France and Germany, grew into a hardy breed. In time, these people came to think of themselves as white Africans or 'Afrikaners' though they were generally known to one another, and outsiders, as 'Boers', meaning farmers. This book details the fascinating history of the Boers from the 'Great Trek' of 1836-40, through theirr many wars with such peoples as the Zulus and the Pedi, to their final defeat of the Venda in 1898.
Contents Introduction · The Trekker-Ndebele War, 1836 · The Natal Adventure 1837-42 · The British Reaction · The Boer-BaSotho Wars · The Conquest of the Transvaal · The 1881 Transvaal War · The Final Subjugation of the Transvaal · The Plates







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