Soviet Rifleman 1941-45

Codice: 228H016123

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Fantastica serie che costituisce per gli storici e gli appassionati una ricca fonte di informazioni su armi, armamenti, addestramento e motivazioni dei più famosi combattenti del mondo; dal passato al presente.

The Soviet rifleman, or Frontovik, initially suffered defeats and retreat during the early desperate days of the war, then resolved a stubborn defence during the brutal winter of 1941-42, eventually turning the tables at the battles of Stalingrad and Kursk, before victoriously marching into Germany. This title provides a view of the Soviet rifleman in defeat and victory, on the defensive and in the attack both in the heat of the summer, and the frozen brutality of the Russian winter. Their political beliefs, motivation, training, everyday life, weaponry and equipment are examined here, accompanied by rare photographs and full-color artwork.