Pearl Harbor 1941

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Nota serie curata dallo storico David Chandler. Ogni volume, attraverso 70 foto in bianco e nero, 10 tavole a colori e 3 mappe, fornisce dettagliati resoconti delle varie campagne esaminate. Di notevole interesse per gli appassionati di storia e giocatori di wargame. Ogni volume termina con una breve guida al campo di battaglia oggi.

Sunday 7 December 1941 saw the dawn of modern warfare. Air superiority and surprise led to the shattering of the superior US Pacific Fleet by a well planned and excellently co-ordinated attack of Japanese naval aircraft and submarine forces. The full might of Japanese naval aviation power was hurled against the United States as six aircraft carriers disgorged their full complements in two waves. Depending on opposing viewpoints, the attack on Pearl Harbor was either a brilliant manoeuvre by an audacious strategist or a piece of unparalleled villainy and deception by a supposedly friendly power.