NUTS & BOLTS n. 30

Autore: NUTS & BOLTS

Codice: 464MC001030

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Interessante e dettagliata serie di volumi preparata da noti modellisti di tutto il mondo. Prende in dettagliato esamei Panzerwerfer e Nebelwerfers con informazioni e dati inediti su questo equipaggiamento. Come sempre la ricca iconografia che comprende foto dell’epoca e disegni al tratto sara particolarmente apprezzata dai modellisti.

In the autumn of 2010, shortly before finishing Vol. 28 on the Maultier, we decided not to include the armoured Maultier in Vol. 28 to retain our normal number of 160 pages per volume; but also it was a weapons vehicle not purely a “mule” to transport loads. The subject of the Panzerwerfer is very interesting, so it was decided that we would introduce this equipment in another volume of Nuts & Bolts, especially as a lot of the necessary work was already completed at that time. Initially we thought that we could not fill a full volume of 160 pages with this subject. However, we are proud to announce Nuts & Bolts Vol. 30 – with 208 pages the most comprehensive volume in our series so far! This is because we decided not only to include the Panzerwerfer with its highly interesting story but also the towed Nebelwerfers. It is astonishing that our team of authors was able to uncover such a vast amount of new and previously thought to be lost information on all aspects of this equipment. 




391 foto (250 foto d’epoca in b/n, 113 foto a colori, 28 foto a colori di modelli, 24 pagine di disegni in scala 1/35, 19 pagine di schemi di camouflage)