Hastings 1066 (Revised Edition)

Codice: 228LG015013

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Nota serie curata dallo storico David Chandler. Ogni volume, attraverso 70 foto in bianco e nero, 10 tavole a colori e 3 mappe, fornisce dettagliati resoconti delle varie campagne esaminate. Di notevole interesse per gli appassionati di storia e giocatori di wargame. Ogni volume termina con una breve guida al campo di battaglia oggi.

Very few battles of the medieval period can be regarded as decisive but Hastings was certainly one of them. Fought on 14th October 1066 between Duke William of Normandy and Harold Godwinson, king of England, the outcome irrevocably changed the course of English history. William's victory was largely due to the tactical superiority of his forces: not only did he possess infantry and cavalry, but also a significant number of archers or crossbowmen, to whose withering fire the English could make little reply. The eventual death of King Harold prompted an English collapse - the successful outcome ensuring William's accession to the English throne.