Allied Aircraft of World War II

Autore: Chris Chant

Codice: 282617

€ 39,00

In volume unico gli oltre 400 profili a colori di Chris Chant degli aerei impiegati dalle forze Alleate durante la seconda guerra mondiale. Diviso in due parti presenta sia i caccia che i bombardieri oltre agli aerei da ricognizione e da trasporto con breve scheda storico-tecnica.


Illustrated with outstanding color profile artworks, Allied Aircraft of World War II is the definitive study of the aircraft of all Allied powers from 1939 to 1945. Arranged in two parts – Allied Fighters and Allied Bombers – and then by theater of war, the book describes in depth the various aircraft for different nations, from the RAF to USAAF, from Soviet to the Brazilian Air Forces and many more. Featuring aircraft that served from Australia to the Aleutians, from the French border to Okinawa, more than 400 cooler artworks illustrate both the famous and the lesser-known aircraft (fighters, bombers, transports and reconnaissance) from a large array of services and nations. With information boxes accompanying the artworks, Allied Aircraft of World War II is an excellent reference work for modelers and any enthusiast with an interest in the history of World War II.




Oltre 400 profili a colori 




19 x 24