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EMBLEMS OF THE LUFTWAFFE VOLUME 1 - Tactical and Strategic Reconnaissance Units

Autore: Peter Petrick, Gerhard Stemmer

Codice: 628023

€ 74,00

Nuovo primo titolo di una serie dedicata agli emblemi delle unità della Luftwaffe. Opera esaustiva, ben documentata e ricca di foto a colori e in bianco e nero, molte delle quali inedite, oltre a profili, disegni al tratto e dati storico-tecnici completi. Questo primo volume tratterà le unità da ricognizione a lungo raggio e Weather Reconnaissance Staffeln. 


In cooperation with Peter Petrick, Gerhard Stemmer and Ulf Balke, we present the first volume of the most comprehensive work to date about the emblems of the flying units of the Luftwaffe. The research behind the series has taken the better part of twenty years. Since Karl Ries’ books in the 1960s and 70s, there has not been a publication which has delved into this subject in depth while incorporating all the latest knowledge. Each volume will contain several hundred mostly unpublished black and white and color photos, as well as detailed information about the emblems. The emblems themselves will be depicted in large illustrations. The volumes will also contain many unit emblems which have never before been published or identified, as well as variants of unit emblems. The book series will therefore be of interest both to modelers and those with an historical interest in the Luftwaffe. Volume 1 deals with tactical and strategic reconnaissance units and weather reconnaissance units.




412 tra foto a colori e in bianco e nero, 214 disegni a colori




28 x 25