LUFTWAFFE CRASH ARCHIVE VOL.7 - 1st January 1941 – 16th April 1941

A documentary history of every Enemy Aircraft brought down over the UK.

Autore: Nigel Parker

Codice: 205001007

€ 37,50

Serie, in più volumi, dedicata agli aerei della Luftwaffe abbattuti su suolo britannico durante la seconda guerra mondiale. 

Red Kite are proud to present Volume Seven of Nigel Parker’s Luftwaffe Crash Archive. Researched over twenty years, this incredible body of work brings together details from the official RAF intelligence and interrogation reports, and combines them into a definitive guide to every enemy aircraft that came down over the UK during WWII. With over 200 photos in each volume, drawn from dozens of expert sources, this lavishly illustrated series is a must for any Luftwaffe enthusiast or indeed anyone with an interest in the Air-War 1939-1945. Volume Seven covers from the 1st January 1941 – 16th April 1941.  This period covers the dark winter days of the Blitz where German bombers were roaming over the length and breadth of the UK.  As the RAF night fighter squadrons began to find their feet, German losses started to increase rapidly with He111s and Ju88s being the main victims of this strengthening defence.  This volume has the usual selection of original photos, colour profiles and specially commissioned maps to illustrate the aircraft involved.




Ampiamente illustrato con foto in bianco e nero e profili a colori




21 x 30