Tank Warfare in North Africa: Gazala to Tunisia, 1942–43

Autore: Robert Forczyk

Codice: 228060002

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Con oltre 200 tra foto, illustrazioni tattiche, profili e mappe, fornisce un nuovo studio sulla guerra corazzata nel deserto, attraverso i dati e gli ordini di battaglia dei carri armati.


Robert Forczyk covers the development of armoured warfare in North Africa from Rommel's Gazala offensive in 1942 through to the end of war in the desert in Tunisia in 1943.

The war in the North African desert was pure mechanized warfare, and in many respects the most technologically advanced theatre of World War II. It was also the only theatre where for three years British and Commonwealth, and later US, troops were in constant contact with Axis forces.

World War II best-selling author Robert Forczyk explores the second half of the history of the campaign, from the Gazala offensive in May 1942 that drove the British forces all the way back to the Egyptian frontier and led to the fall of Tobruk, through the pivotal battles of El Alamein, and the final Allied victory in Tunisia. He examines the armoured forces, equipment, doctrine, training, logistics and operations employed by both Allied and Axis forces throughout the period, focusing especially on the brigade and regimental level of operations.

Fully illustrated throughout with photographs, profile artwork and maps, and featuring tactical-level vignettes and appendices analysing tank data, tank deliveries in-theatre and orders of battle, this book goes back to the sources to provide a new study of armoured warfare in the desert.

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Armoured Operations in 1942

Chapter 2: The Afrika Korps Recovers, January 1942

Chapter 3: All Quiet on the Gazala Front, February-April 1942

Chapter 4: Gazala: The Clash of Armour, May 1942

Chapter 5: Tobruk: Rommel's Victory, June 1942

Chapter 6: Ruweisat Ridge: The Breaking Point, July 1942

Chapter 7: The Changing of the Guard, August 1942

Chapter 8: Gearing up for the main events: September 1942

Chapter 9: Lightfoot: October 1942

Chapter 10: Supercharge: November 1942

Chapter 11: The race for Tunisia: November-December 1942

Chapter 12: Armoured Operations in 1943

Chapter 13: Stalemate in Tunisia: December 1942 – January 1943

Chapter 14: Kasserine Pass: February 1943

Chapter 15: Montgomery and Patton Strike: March 1943

Chapter 16: Endgame: April-May 1943

Chapter 17: In Retrospect


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Riccamente illustrato con oltre 200 tra foto, artwork e mappe




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