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This is the 5th Manual in our new Scale Modelling series where our aim is to bring a lot of concentrated information about painting and general modelling techniques for all modellers at a competitive retail price.

Each manual will deal with a specific topic in detail, offering a lot of different approaches and techniques and, in most cases, written by one author. The contents will be carefully selected so that every reader should find something new to try and to adapt to their own methods. The books have high quality photos and detailed texts, enabling readers to easily follow the progress of assembly and painting methods and help adopt new modelling techniques and different approaches.

In previous editions the length of each subject was limited due to the number of pages taken for other contents, but here there are no such limitations. Each theme will be presented in a most detailed and explanatory way so there will be no omissions or unanswered questions.

Depending on the themes and their content, real painted colour chips of hues and mixes will be added with information on how to use them.

In this series we will include various modelling aspects from Historic and Fantasy, Scale Models, Dioramas, Vignettes, Figures and Busts to Techniques and history you can model.

In this particular issue we have three articles by three different artists. The first article, by Theodosis Giannakidis, is an in-depth description of the detailed construction of a desert diorama featuring a Panzer I tank, two resin figures and a palm tree. The concept behind the diorama with 21 in-progress photos depicts a mechanical problem with the tank where the crew members are trying to fix it, whilst also mindful to the fact that enemy forces are close by. The second article is a short, two-page feature of a DAK AFV Commander by Toshihiro Sano painted with Tamiya Enamels. The artist explains in detail his way of painting and includes all his paint mixes. The third article by Christos Katselos is a detailed step-by-step feature on how to paint a DAK Panzer Crew using various Vallejo Acrylics. There are 43 step-by-step photos that reveal all the necessary information for painting the DAK crew figures.

In total this book has 96 high quality photos, 72 of which are step-by-step or in-progress sequences, with a very detailed text, so the reader can easily follow the whole procedure in detail from start to finish. The authors have included all the sets, accessories, and paint codes they used so the reader can easily identify them.


4. “Trouble in Africa” Deutsches Afrika Korps, North Africa 1941. Building a Diorama Featuring a PzKpfw I Ausf.A Tank and Alpine Miniatures Resin Figures.

14. “DAK AFV Commander” - How to Paint a Desert Uniform Using Enamels.

16. “German DAK Panzer Crew” - How to Paint German DAK Panzer Crew Figures Using Various Vallejo Acrylics Paints.





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