Volume 1: South-West African Police Counterinsurgency Operations during the South African Border War, 1978-1984

Autore: Steve Crump

Codice: 283352001

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Koevoet tells of the origination and deployment of the South West African Police’s elite counter-insurgency capability during the South African Border War, 1978 – 1989.  Drawing reference from a number of previously unpublished sources and from interviews with a number of key personalities, including former members of Koevoet, this volume, the first of two, documents the formation of Koevoet and its early operations up to 1984.

The book examines the background and context to the South West African conflict and details the early experiences of the South African Police in seeking to counter SWAPO/PLAN activities.  It outlines the tasking assigned to Colonel Hans Dreyer of the South African Police to establish ‘Ops K’ and to develop a counter-insurgency unit as part of the South-West African Police response to the developing conflict; a unit that was to become both respected and feared and is, today, considered as one of the most effective counter-insurgency forces of modern times.

The author describes the recruitment of Koeveot trackers from the local population; the integration of black and white Koevoet operators into one single, racial, entity; their training, organisation and deployment across the ‘Operational Area’.  He examines Koevoet tactics in the field – including all arms co-operation with the South African Defence Force and the South African Air Force –  and the practice of ‘turning’ captured SWAPO/PLAN fighters and their employment across the Zulu teams. The design and evolution of the iconic Casspir and Wolf Mine Protected Vehicles (MPVs) is covered as is their practical use on operations, this alongside the development of other specialised weapons and equipment utilised by Koevoet.

In documenting Koevoet operations in Kavnago, Kaokoland and Owamboland, Volume 1 of Koevoet seeks to examine SWAPOL-COIN’s effectiveness and to assess how the lessons learned between 1979 – 1984, shaped future Koevoet doctrine and thinking.  This to afford the reader a truly inclusive perspective on counter-insurgency today as police and armed forces, globally, move to a greater reliance on cutting-edge digital technology, including artificial intelligence.

Colour profiles detail some of the Mine-Protected Vehicles (MPV’s) used by Koevoet including the iconic Casspir and Wolf.  Uniforms and insignia of Koevoet are presented in specially commissioned full colour plates. 




50 foto a colori e in bianco e nero, 3 mappe, tavole uniformologiche a colori




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