The Greatest Multi-Role Aircraft of the Cold War, Volume 2

Autore: Ken Delve, John Sheehan

Codice: 216142002

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Il secondo volume esamina lo sviluppo generale del Canberra, il suo ruolo nell'addestramento sia della RAF che delgli equipaggi d'oltremare, il suo utilizzo in Vietnam, nei conflitti Indo-Pakistani e in America Latina, e la sua partnership con la NASA.


With a 50-year career record from the Suez and Vietnam War, the versatile, unique and popular Canberra became an aviation legend.

  • The Canberra introduced the RAF to the era of jet bombers
  • It was adopted by air forces from South America, India, Australia, New Zealand and the US as the Martin B-57
  • Beautifully illustrated with many rare and unpublished photographs 
  • Of interest to aviation and military historians, modellers, gamers and flight simulator enthusiasts

The British-designed Canberra was adopted by air forces from South America to Africa and India, as well as Australia and New Zealand; it was also licence-built, as the Martin B-57.

It was involved in a number of conflicts with many of those users, the most intense of which was the USAF use in Vietnam, although Canberras were also on both sides in the India-Pakistan conflicts; a number of conflicts in South America saw Canberra involvement, the Argentinian Canberras flew ops against the British Task Force in the Falklands conflict.

This volume also looks at overall development of the Canberra, and the role of the Operational Conversion Unit in training both RAF and overseas aircrew. The Canberra was used extensively in trials and evaluation, and, with NASA, a small number of aircraft still perform this role (2022). The aircraft has attracted interest from enthusiasts, and this has ensured that a significant number of aircraft survive in museums and private collections, and a few are kept in flying condition.





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