The Upgraded Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle for the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force Land

Codice: 203CM004091

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Serie della Tankograd con foto a colori e in bianco e nero oltre a disegni al tratto che presenta il mezzo da ogni angolazione con informazioni sullo sviluppo, impiego, varianti, prototipi, dati tecnici, ecc.


The Puma VJTF - as the most modern version of an armoured infantry fighting vehicle within the German Bundeswehr - is specially adapted to the threats and challenges of the modern battlefield and outperforms its predecessor variant in command, reconnaissance, effectiveness and the support of its mounted and dismounted forces. As a fully digitized combat vehicle, it also forms the basis of the "Armoured Infantry Soldier" and is capable of seamlessly integrating the expanded "Infantryman of the Future" system. The Puma's new weapon systems, such as the MELLS anti-tank guided missile, not only enable more firepower, but also allow unrestricted day and night operations, on the move and with greater range. In consequence, the Puma VJTF combines the principle of fire and movement with improved armour and a multifunctional self-protection system.

This publication shows the new Puma armoured infantry fighting vehicle in its current VJTF configuration for the very first time in service and in great technical detail.




200 foto a colori e 10 disegni




21 x 30


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