HEERESUBUNGEN 1970ER - Battlefield Germany Making a Stand against the Warsaw Pact: Multi-National Full-Force Exercises of the 1970s

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Serie della Tankograd con foto a colori e in bianco e nero oltre a disegni al tratto che presenta il mezzo da ogni angolazione con informazioni sullo sviluppo, impiego, varianti, prototipi, dati tecnici, ecc


"Battlefield Germany": The three corps of the German Army had a key role in NATO's defence plan for West Germany during the time of the Cold War. Missions of the different corps focused on possible main points of entry that might be used by well-equipped tank armies of the Warsaw Pact: I. (GE) Corps was responsible for the north German plain, III. (GE) Corps for the Fulda Gap and II. (GE) Corps for the low and high mountain ranges of southern Germany. In the 1970s, in turn each of the German corps conducted a Heeresübung full-force field training exercise (FTX) with participating Allied units from the US, UK, Canada and the Netherlands. This is the story of three of these major FTXs and the military vehicles involved.




65 foto a colori, 50 in bianco e nero




21 x 30