IN DEO VERITAS - Fast Play Rules for Exciting Seventeenth Century Battles in Smaller Scales


Autore: Philip Garton

Codice: 283258001

€ 24,50

Designed to recreate actual battles, In Deo Veritas focuses on the command decisions needed to maintain the motivation of the army. The six actual battle scenarios provide a range of different challenges from the warfare of the seventeenth century.

Battles are played at the brigade level with all major elements are on 75mm/3" wide bases. Using smaller scale figures (6-15mm) lets players give their units a realistic feel. The ground scale of 1" = 40yds means the typical 6ft x 4 ft table is large enough to accommodate most battles of the period. Most players will already have everything needed to play (d6, tape measure and a deck of cards). More scenarios and game support will become available in future. To learn the rules will take 2 hours or so using some of the smaller battles. Once you have become familiar with the core elements then your games will flow more quickly and a larger battle such as Wittstock should last for 3-4 hours depending on the arrival of the reinforcements.

The rules contain 6 scenarios to get you started, with more available on this page: see downloads below.

Nothing is certain; but generals that hone their skills are more likely to be victorious.

" [In Deo Veritas] has exactly the right level of detail. Unit level combat is dealt with briefly, allowing more focus on higher level issues such as command and cohesion.....Focusing on the right level is one of the critical aspects of war-games design, and this is clearly understood by Philip." The Dining Table Napoleon

"....This set has potential" Horse & Musket Gaming

I suggest giving In Deo Veritas a go, no matter if you’re new to the period (or to wargaming) or an expert of the period. If the latter – don’t dismiss the rules for looking a little superficial at first or as if they dismissed depth in favour of “fast play”. I think that there’s more to these than meets the eye at first glance. I really enjoy them, and a lot can be done with these rules, be it solo gaming, regular games, or even large club games. I think [In Deo Veritas] would really shine in those too." Tabletop Stories

"...the color production values are up to Helion's excellent standard..." The Historical Miniatures Gaming Society

'In conclusion, In Deo Veritas is a specially designed rule set to refight battles. Consequently, its mechanisms are adapted to such clashes: you will not lose yourself in minor tactical considerations, emphasis is placed on strategic decisions. From this point of view, the set is quite successful.' Vae Victis 




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