Autore: Rodrigo Hernandez Chacon

Codice: 700065002

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Il volume 2 si concentra sui materiali, sulle procedure e sulle tecniche più adatte alla pittura e alla realizzazione di una miniatura. Una volta che gli elementi del linguaggio visivo come il colore, l'illuminazione, la forma e la trama sono stati appresi dal primo volume, è tempo di impegnarsi nelle tecniche pittoriche che consentono di rappresentare accuratamente ciascuno di questi elementi su qualsiasi figura in scala.


Volume 2 of the Encyclopedia of Figures focuses on the materials, procedures, and techniques best suited to painting and bringing a miniature to life. Once the elements of visual language such as colour, lighting, form, and texture have been learned from the first volume, it is time to engage the painting techniques that allow you to accurately represent each of these elements on any scale figure.

What is a binder? How do I dilute or thin the paint to make a glaze? What must I do to mix a highly saturated colour? Each material has particular characteristics and properties, understanding each will enable you to obtain the best results. Several of the world’s best painters have assembled this amazing body of instructional text comprised of years of research into understanding the mysteries of painting in an effort to make this hobby approachable and enjoyable for all.

This book is structured around the three most widely used mediums: acrylic, oil, and mixed techniques that combine both, as well as the use of pigments and fillers. The use of the two most important application methods have also been taken into account: the brush and the airbrush, as well as alternating between each for a full range of realistic and dynamic effects. Closely linked to the procedures and tools are all the techniques that will grant each painter access to a wide range of resources and effects including gradients, glazes, washes, fresco casting, sketching, and a host of layered effects.  






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