Autore: Rodrigo Hernandez Chacon

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L'esempio in miniatura utilizzato in questo libro appartiene alla serie Legends of the Jade Sea, dal prestigioso marchio Bigchild. Una figura a tema fantasy con un'esecuzione realistica per quanto riguarda le forme, le proporzioni e la rappresentazione di vari tipi di dettagli e materiali per includere pelle, metalli, capelli e ornamenti le cui tecniche pittoriche possono essere prontamente utilizzate su modelli fantasy e storici.

Questo volume introduttivo può essere considerato l'essenza dell'intera Enciclopedia delle tecniche di modellazione di figure, offrendo una breve presentazione dei contenuti che verranno approfonditi nei seguenti volumi. I contenuti di ogni volume forniscono ispirazione e conoscenza a qualsiasi miniaturista che voglia imparare e divertirsi a dipingere figure in miniatura.


This volume of the Encyclopedia is intended as an overview or quick guide of the contents included in the entire work as it applies to a single figure. Techniques and materials are approached to such a deep extent in the following volumes that it would be impossible to fit all the contents here. But we thought a brief, easy to follow summary would be a useful introduction. Here each reader can familiarize themselves with the most basic issues regarding figure painting in a simple manner, from the beginning of the assembly to the painting of the final details.

The miniature we have chosen for this book belongs to the Legenss of the Jade Sea series, second installment in BigChild’s prestigious Black Sailors brand. One of the leading reasons we chose this figure is the wonderful quality of sculpting. Alejandro Munoz Martin’s excellent sculpt is exceedingly dynamic, with extremely fine details and well-proportioned shapes. On the other hand, it is a fantasy miniature that features a realistic style regarding shapes, proportions, depiction of materials and details. It offers the opportunity to paint items made of leather, various metals, hair and ornaments, whose painting and lighting techniques can be of use to both historical and fantasy figure painters. In a way it represents the essence of this Figure Encyclopedia, which has been designed with all miniature aficionados in mind. My long career as a historical and fantasy figure painter has led me to try to attend to the needs of all kinds of painters. Each chapter offers content that will be of use to any miniaturist who wants to learn and improve his or her painting skills and does so in an engaging manner.

In addition to this we have decided to include a short introduction to the background story of the miniature we are going to paint. Something which is usually excluded from books and that I consider to be a crucial aspect of any miniature. Most figures grow out of an idea; this idea becomes a sketch, or concept for the sculptor to create the three-dimensional rendition. In our case the original concept is a drawing in which master illustrator Pedro Nunes gives rise to the character, and includes a brief feature showing the sculpting process done by Alejandro Munoz Martin.



This Encyclopedia collection brings together everything you need to know about the amazing world of figures. Covering all aspects from assembly to painting, including improvements, modifications, painting of materials, and even the final presentation on bases with the scenery. All aspects are shown through various media including acrylic, oil, inks, enamels, pigments, and includes the full range of techniques using both brush and airbrush. This series addresses various levels of difficulty by creating an environment where both beginners and veterans figure painters can find answers for all their needs.

    Within these pages, we will expose the two great genres within the world of miniature painting, the historical figure and the fantasy figure as detailed by some of the best painters from all over the world. Each volume is designed to encompass the greatest number of visions of miniature art assembled in a single global project to provide both inspiration and education.

   The collection has been structured in three blocks that correspond to each of the central three volumes, together with a comprehensive fourth volume and volume 0 which serves as a quick guide or summary of the Encyclopedia series.

  • Volume 1: Dedicated to learning the basic elements and aspects of visual language: lighting, color, shape, and texture.
  • Volume 2: The second installment focuses on both assembly and on basic procedures and techniques for using acrylic, oil, enamels, and pigments.
  • Volume 3: The third volume focuses on the specific painting techniques used for various elements and materials such as leather, cloth, metals, hair, fur, and wood. This volume also includes a final presentation of the figures on a pedestal and the scenic settings within it.



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