The World's Greatest Knife Book

Autore: A cura di Joe Kertzman

Codice: 6481012019

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Una fonte inesauribile di notizie aggiornate in questo noto annuario americano dedicato ai coltelli giunto alla 39a edizione. Interamente illustrato con oltre 800 foto a colori a corredo di interessanti articoli.


The two knives on the cover represent a few of the newest trends in knives. One is san mai, laminated or “sandwich steel,” in which a hard steel core, the eventual edge, is sandwiched by outer layers of another steel, and then of course forged, ground, heat treated, finished and etched to show where the steels come together. Another hot segment represented is small fixed blades or hideaway knives, and in this case showcasing a trendy mammoth tooth handle. Josh Fisher’s san mai fighter, at left on the cover, features 9 inches of sandwich steel accompanied by blued fittings and a stag handle. The keenly shaped full-tang RWL-34 fixed blade by Michael West at right parades a 10,000-plus-year-old mammoth molar root grip that’s set in Argentum silver. There seems to be no limit to the knife styles, materials or imaginations of the makers. Phenomenal!

Table of Contents


2019 Wooden Sword Award


The Cyclical Nature of Handmade Knives

Machetes of the Amazon

It’s a New Age for Autos

Making a Japanese Hamon: A Defined Process

How Knives Die, a Guide for the Next of Kin

Gear Up with a Few Good Edges

The Gleam of Gold

The Knife-Axe Connection Was Realized Early

The History and Presentation of Mosaic Damascus

It’s a Bulgarian Blades Renaissance

Trends Section

A Dagger’ll Do Ya

Exotic Burled Beauties

Good as Real Repros

International Knives & Swords

Ring ’Em Up

Singular Slip-Joint Folders

Sroppin’ Young Razors

Swingable Swords

Toothed Wonders

Bronzed Bolsters

Brave New Bowies

For Those Who Serve

Handsome Hunters and Fillets

Next-Level Tacticals

Sandwich Steels

Special Chefs

The Good Fights

Vest Pocket Bowies & Hideaway Knives

State of the Art Section

Creative Carve-Up

Wire Inlay Acts

Mosaic Makers

A Fancy Folder Feast

Gold in Good Measure

Expert Engraving

Sculpted Bods

Playing the Fluted Handle Tune

Skilled-Hand Scrimshaw

Display Case Damascus

Fully Sheathed

Factory Trends Section

Get the Best EDC Knife for Your Money

True Tacticals

The Auto Zone

Four Factory Flippers

Hunters in the House

Stylin’ Slip Joints




Riccamente illustrato a colori




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