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Welcome to the second of our diorama modelling books in Mr Black Publications series of Scale Model Handbooks. Like the first book we have an extended format to cover a great variety of military modelling themes and various types of dioramas.

This 100-page book offers lots of interesting and prototype material to meet the interests of our readers. Different approaches, techniques and step-by-step instructions are covered in more than 400 photographs and associated texts to inspire you, the reader, towards making your own creations.

Its taken more that 24 months of intensive work to gather the material herein, since we wanted to cover many historical periods, such as Ancient and Roman times, the 17th century, World War Two, as well as considering the many different and popular modelling scales of 1/35 (50mm) and 1/32 (54mm) to the larger 1/24 (75mm) scale dioramas, to satisfy our readers interests. The aim was to make this book a necessary and useful handbook for modellers everywhere.

Wed like to thank those who contributed to this book; we certainly couldnt have produced it without them… Christos Katselos, Grigoris Marmatakis, Igor Kordyukov, Dan Capuano, Noel Petroni, Sergey Popovichenko, Christos Panagiotopoulos and Tolis Moustakas… You are all great!

Christos presents in a most detailed way the construction and painting of the Andrea super kit, “Elephant Down! Zama, 202 BC” with more than 100 step-by-step photos. Christos article also provided the subject for our cover!

A new method of article presentation is, “History You Can Model” by Grigoris Marmatakis, using all of the Pegaso Models vignettes and some more converted figures from other kits in the next diorama. This is a really big diorama that was inspired by the Battle of Teutoburg Forest in AD 9, and the Battle that stopped Rome, presenting all the historical data in detail by Stelios Demiras.

An astonishing step-by-step sculpting feature by Igor Kordyukov, that was released as a commercial 75mm kit (IM75-17) comprising seven figures by Irbis Miniatures, and inspired by Ilya Repins painting, “Reply of the Zaporozhian Cossacks to Sultan Mehmed IV of the Ottoman Empire”, also known as the “Cossacks of Saporog are Drafting a Manifesto” and a masterpiece of Russian art. More than 150 photos are featured - 130 of them are step-by-step!

Sergey Popovichenko created an impressive vignette by combining a scratch-built setting populated with commercial 54mm figures from Tin Berlin. The painting techniques of Sergey combine acrylics and oils taking the best of each medium.

 “Stalingrad, A Fight To The Last” is another super diorama in 1/35 scale from the well-know master modeller Dan Capuano who used 35 figures, most of them updated and converted, with most of the scenery made from scratch! This is Dans first article for Mr Black Publications and we hope that more of his superb works will follow.

Resting at Karachev is a combined work from two master modellers in their fields… Christos Panagiotopoulos (figures) and Tolis Moustakas (Tank and scenery). A detailed articled on how to create a peaceful Second World War scene using commercial parts and a lots of imagination.

Noel Petronis work is well known from his many contributions to English language military modelling magazines around the globe, and from his article in our first Diorama Modelling title. This time Noel has a smaller 1/35 scale military diorama, “The Grim Reality of War, Poland 1939” showing how a diorama can arouse strong emotions. Noel scratch builds the two figures therein and uses the Panzer I Ausf A from Tristar, presenting the construction and painting in 58 step-by-step photos.

Special thanks must go to Luca Marchetti and Pietro Balloni from Pegaso Models who have been there for us right from the start; Alex Vallejo of Vallejo Acrylics, Alexey Lucanev of Irbis Miniatures and John Page from Sphere Products, whose support is highly appreciated. Last, but not least, we would like to thank Ken Jones for his valuable help in editing texts translated into English, his advice and for lending a unique final touch to all our publications.

It is with much excitement and satisfaction that we present the second book in “Diorama Modelling Series”… Its one in which were placing great hope towards it being a new and successful regular edition to our series of modelling books!


Page 4

Elephant Down! Zama, 202 BC

How to Build and Paint a Demanding Small Diorama into a Masterpiece Model

Andrea Miniatures (SG-S18)

54mm (1/32)

Step by Step by Christos Katselos

Page 24

Teutoburg Forest, 9 AD.

The Battle that Stopped Rome

Pegaso kit "Saltus Teutoburgiensis" consisting of the following five vignettes: Clades Variana, Varo's defeat (54-823), Singularis pugna! Duel to the death! (54-824), Marcus Caelius centurio mortuus est! (54-825), Ambush! (54-826), Last standing! (54-827)

& the figure kits: For the two figures on the upper right part of the diorama, the necessary conversions were made with Magic Sculpt epoxy putty, using the following figure kits a a base: 1.Roman gladiator “Retiarius” (Pegaso Models 54-127), for the German Warrior - 2.Praetorian Cornicen (Il Feudo), for the signifier.

54 mm (1/32)



Page 40

Reply of the Zaporozhian Cossacks to Sultan Mehmet IV of the Ottoman Empire

How to Sculpt a Small Diorama for Commercial Casting

Scratch-built diorama - Released as a commercial kit IM75-17 by Irbis Miniatures

75mm (1/24)


Page 58

Landsknechte Players

Creating an Impressive Vignette by Combining a Scratch-built Setting & Commercial Figures


54mm (1/32)


Page 66

“STALINGRAD" – A Fight To The Last

How to Build a Super Diorama

Scratch Building and Converting

Baluard: Tanker Car

Italeri: Dockside

Trumpeter: Train Tracks

Toro Models: The Blast Furnace

Masterpiece Models: Holding Tanks and Factory Ruin

Figures, Accessories and Heads: Dragon, Tamiya, Warriors, CMK, Jaguar, Masterbox, Wolf, Hornet, The Body, Firestorm Models, New World Miniatures, Yosci and Verlinden

Weathering products: MIG productions, AK-Interactive, Vallejo, Bragdon Enterprises Weathering Powders

Snow: Woodland Scenics Soft Flake Snow

Accessories: Miniart Building Accessories

Bricks: Juweezel

Groundwork Products: Hudson & Allen Studio

50mm (1/35)


Page 78

Resting at Karachev

Combine Talents to Create a Peaceful Second World War Scene Using Commercial Parts and Lots of Imagination…

Sd.Kfz.171 Panther Ausf D: Dragon (6299)

Figures: German Tank Crewman in overalls (Wolf WAW09), Panzer Officer Kursk

(Wolf WS H06), Sturmgeschütze Crew Reloading (Dragon 6192), German tanker in summer (Alpine 35015), Wounded German Tank Crew (Yosci)

Dog: “Running Ηounds” (Dougs Original 35A05)

Heads: Hornet

50mm (1/35)

Scratch-built / conversion

BY Christos Panagiotopoulos (Figures) & Tolis Moustakas (Tank & Scenery)

Page 86

The Grim Reality of War, Poland 1939

How to Build a Diorama that Arouses Strong Emotions

PzKpfw I Ausf A (Tristar No.35003)

Fenders: Aber 35119

Barrels MG34: Aber 35 L-070

Female head: Hornet (from set HH13)

Tank Crew head: Hornet Bare head

Pigments: Mig Productions

Grass: Treemendus

50mm (1/35)






Interamente illustrato a colori




21 x 28