Brazil's Turboprop Success Story Continues

Autore: Joao Paulo Zeitoun Moralez

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From COIN missions, escort, air defence and conversion plane to advanced fighters, Embraer Super Tucano gets together the most advanced avionics like HUD, HOTAS, datalink and thermal and night vision inside a 4th generation cockpit and possibility to use up to 1.5 ton of weapon in combat missions from Amazon region to the desert.

• The only book in English language on Embraer's EMB-314 Super Tucano

• It covers all 13 current operators, including units and operations in word, pictures and side-view drawings

• An on-going success of Embraer's advanced prop trainer and COIN aircraft

Robust to the point of supporting operations on unprepared runways and in an environment with 36°C temperature and humidity at 100 per cent. Independent to operate without any ground support and taking off from narrow and short runways from border Army Battalions. Technological for integrating in a 4th generation cockpit the most modern technology including Datalink, HOTAS, Head-up Display, night and thermal vision and use of up to 1,500kg of conventional and guided weaponry with also ballistic protection for pilots.

Unlike other models in its class that were born for advanced training being converted to combat employment, the genesis of Embraer's turboprop single-engine EMB-314 Super Tucano is a robust attack aircraft capable of staying weeks in continuous operation with high availability index and attending to the most varied types of missions. And holds almost nothing from it predecessor EMB-312 Tucano. The two .50 inches machine guns installed inside the wings allow a superior combination of 130 types of armament positioned at five external points under the wings and fuselage.

With more than 250 units produced and performing missions ranging from armed reconnaissance, escort, COIN and even air defense, Super Tucano is used by Brazil and 11 other countries. Manufactured under license in the USA, Colombia, Afghanistan, Dominican Republic, Mauritania and Brazil itself have already made real use of the Super Tucano in various occasions. The US may become the next Embraer turboprop operator on close air support flights with a contract that can reach 300 airplanes.




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