NUCLEAR WEAPONS 1945 ONWARDS OWNERS' WORKSHOP MANUAL (strategic and tactical delivery systems)

An insight into the design, science and the strategic and tactical thinking behind the nuclear deterrent

Autore: David Baker

Codice: 200220

€ 32,00

Descrive ed illustra le armi nucleari dalla fine della seconda guerra mondiale ad oggi: il disegno, il loro funzionamento, il loro potenziale impiego, ecc.



Much misinformation has been published by those who support, as well as those who are against, the continued deployment of nuclear weapons as instruments of deterrence. This book provides an apolitical description of nuclear weapons, how they are designed, how they work and how they are assigned to different targets in the event of conflict.

The engaging text provides a description of what nuclear weapons are, how they are categorised, how they would be sent to their targets and how they have changed, as revealed through their design and potential application. As well as technical descriptions, this manual provides a quick understanding to these weapons expressed in a dispassionate and factual manner and providing information which many people find hard or impossible to obtain.

Nuclear weapons do exist and they cannot be wished away, and because of that, an entirely fact-based and balanced account is helpful to those who seek to understand this emotively sensitive subject. This book incorporates a balance of cutaway diagrams, images of hardware and test equipment, facilities and delivery systems, and traces the evolution of nuclear weapons over the past 70 years, with the emphasis on strategic nuclear delivery systems today.




Interamente illustrato con foto e disegni al tratto




21 x 28




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