VOLUME 3 - Insignia, Documents, Ephemera and Battles

Autore: Karl Veltzé

Codice: 400005003

€ 80,00

Conclude l’opera questo terzo volume sempre riccamente illustrato con foto a colori e dell’epoca in bianco e nero dedicato alle insegne, distintivi, decorazioni, Dog Tags, ecc.


The books will be indispensable to collectors, uniform enthusiasts and military historians alike. This three-volume work is the most comprehensive and detailed study of the World War II German paratrooper to date, providing in-depth examinations of nearly every uniform item - including all models of jump smocks - and equipment used from the airborne forces’ establishment in the mid-1930s to May 1945. It also extensively covers specific insignia and various unique ephemera. Finally, the work provides in-depth summaries of the operations the "Green Devils" fought in, from the air assaults on Norway, Belgium’s Fort Eben Emael, Holland and Crete, over ground combat in North Africa, Russia, Italy and Normandy through the Battle of the Bulge and on to the last days of the Third Reich.

The author and publisher were able to draw on an unprecedented degree of cooperation with collectors and museums from all over the world. The three volumes run to more than 1,000 pages, with thousands of specially commissioned color photographs of original Fallschirmjäger artefacts, some of them never shown before, accompanied by many unique period black and white images, many of them hitherto unpublished.

Volume III: Insignia, Documents, Ephemera and Battles

Chapter 1: Paratroopers of the Army and others

Chapter 2: Paratrooper Badges, Cuff Titles, Unit Badges and Awards

Chapter 3: Dog Tags and Personal Documents

Chapter 4: Individual Groupings

Chapter 5: Mementos, Books and Printed Material

Chapter 6: Battle Honors of the Paratroopers (uniformed mannequins)




Riccamente illustrato a colori e in bianco e nero




23 x 30,5