Experimental aircraft of the IJA and IJN 1922-1945

Autore: Edwin M. Dyer

Codice: 237247002

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Continua la trattazione degli aerei sperimentali segrete delle Forze Aree nipponiche dal 1922 alla fine della seconda guerra mondiale. Riccamente illustrato come il primo volume e con tutti i dati tecnici degli oltre 40 progetti descritti. Tra gli aerei presentati: Tachikawa Ki-104, Kawasaki Ki-48-II Kai, Nakajima Ki-117, Kawasaki Ki-199, Hitachi 'He-Type', Aichi S1A Denko, Mitsubishi Q2M1 ASW, Kawanishi K-60, Yokosuka D5y1 Myojo kai.....

This is the second volume in the Japanese Secret Project series, compiled by popular demand after the great success of the first volume. In this book the authors have gone back to the earliest yearas to show the development of secret and x-plane aircraft projects in Japan since 1922 as well as show further projects during the World War 2 years. This popularity reveals that Secret and X-Plane aircraft projects remain highly popular with historians, enthusiasts, modellers and the flight sim community. Surprisingly, secret Japanese planes of World War 2 remain an area which has not been extensively covered due to scarcity of information. They do, however, have a large base of interest as unlike the majority of secret Luftwaffe programs that were resigned to the drawing board, the vast number of aircraft featured within this book actually flew or were in development. As with the first volume, the book is divided into two sections dedicated to the two air forces of the IJA and IJN, with over 40 aircraft examined, each with its history, variants, performance, and any combat records laid out in an easy to read fashion. This is beautifully complimented by stunning colour renditions of the aircraft in combat and colour profiles of genuine markings and camouflage. The majority of the book is dedicated to aircraft that were under development or in service during the war years, but there are examples of pre-war experimental aircraft, and a selection of missile projects. Sample aircraft projects include: Imperial Japanese Army Air Force Tachikawa Ki-104 fighter Kawasaki Ki-48-II Kai and Ki-174 suicide light bomber Nakajima Ki-117 high altitude fighter Kawasaki Ki-119 light bomber Imperial Japanese Navy Air Force Hitachi 'He-Type' heavy bomber Aichi S1A Denko night fighter Mitsubishi Q2M1 ASW bomber Kawanishi K-60 flying boat Yokosuka D5Y1 Myojo Kai suicide aircraft




Riccamente illustrato a colori e in bianco e nero