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Bella ed illustratissima pubblicazione trimestrale inglese sulla seconda guerra mondiale.

THE RAID ON ROMMEL'S HEADQUARTERS - Jean Paul Pallud tells how on the night of November 14/15, 1941 a British raiding party of 30 commandos led by Lieutenant-Colonel Geoffrey Keyes landed on the shores of Libya. Their mission being to attack a house in the town of Beda Littoria thought to be the headquarters of Generalleutnant Erwin Rommel, the famed commander of the German Afrikakorps. Wolfsschanze Revisited - One of our long-time readers, Allan Adams from Ottawa, Canada, has recently made two visits to the former Führerhauptquartier and produced a good photographic record of its present condition. We present Allan's story as a follow-up to our story in issue 19 and also as a tribute to the groundbreaking research done by the late Dr. Raiber who died in March 2002. Pershing versus Tiger at Elsdorf - Willi Weiss tells us how on the evening of February 26, 1945, at the small German town of Elsdorf, west of Cologne, a German Tiger tank knocked out an American T26E3 Pershing tank. A newly developed type of heavy tank armed with a powerful 90mm gun — one of the first batch of 20 that was hurriedly rushed to the European Theater of Opertions and committed on the front of the US First Army to see action before the end of the war. Australia's Worst Air Disaster - On June 14, 1943, a Boeing B-17C crashed at Bakers Creek near the coastal town of Mackay in eastern Queensland, Australia. The entire crew of six and all but one of the 35 passengers — all US servicemen returning to Port Moresby in New Guinea after furlough — perished in the crash, the cause of which has never been established with certainty. David Mitchelhill-Green tells us how to this day it remains Australia's worst ever air disaster. Waldhaus Häcklingen - Karel Margry tells us how on May 3, 1945, a small estate just outside the village of Häcklingen near Lüneburg in northern Germany was the venue of talks between Lieutenant-General Miles C. Dempsey, the commander of the British Second Army, and a delegation of German officers who had come to negotiate on the one hand the surrender of the city of Hamburg and on the other the general capitulation of all German forces in northern Germany.




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