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Bella ed illustratissima pubblicazione trimestrale inglese sulla seconda guerra mondiale.

THE BATTLE FOR CHERBOURG - Jean Paul Pallud continues his story from issue 146 and explains how when plans were drawn up for the Allied invasion of France, one important consideration was that it would be necessary to secure a deep-water port to allow reinforcements to be brought in directly from the United States. The planners decided that the US First Army's main task should be 'to capture Cherbourg as quickly as possible'. The Japanese Tanks of Bougainville- Quietly rusting away in the jungle of northern Bougainville, one of the Solomon Islands now part of present-day Papua New Guinea, is a pair of Japanese Type 89B Yi-Go Otsu tanks. Justin Taylan tells us how they were abandoned there by the Japanese garrison in the spring of 1945 and as a consequence they represent a rare example of combat vehicles left in situ, made even more special by the fact that there are only six specimens of this type of vehicle known to be left in existence in the world today. The Women's Land Army - Marjorie Scott explains how in August 1938, with the ever-increasing threat of war, the British government decided to set up the Women's Land Army. This was in view of the fact that the country had been brought near to starvation by the German blockade of shipping in 1917. At that time, the organisation had been created almost overnight as a desperate measure to produce more food at home. This time it was decided that Britain should be prepared in advance. The Case of Pilot Officer John Benzie - Andy Saunders shows some strong evidence and tells how we believe that a headstone to an unknown pilot of the Second World War in Brookwood Cemetery, Surrey, marks the last resting place of Pilot Officer John Benzie.




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