A Visual History in Vintage Photos and Restored Examples, Part 1

Autore: David Doyle

Codice: 633068

€ 24,50

Riccamente illustrato con foto dell’epoca in bianco e nero e foto a colori di motociclette restaurate in questo volume della Ampersand che presenta: BMW R4; R12; R35; R71; R74 e Zündapp KS750 impiegati dall’esercito tedesco durante la seconda guerra mondiale.


The Germans developed and used the motorcycle as an instrument of offensive warfare, perhaps more than any other nation in WWII. The major tasks of these units were mopping-up for the following troops and employment as an advance guard, surprise raid-like attacks against an opponent’s flanks and rear, as well as pursuit of the opponent. A wide variety of machines were deployed for these tasks, both impressed and adapted civilian models, as well as variety of purpose-built military motorcycles. This distinctive reference combines rare vintage photographs with photos of superbly restored German WWII motorcycles. The first of a multi-part series on the subject, this volume features large, full-color detail photos of the BMW R4; R12; R35; R71; R74 and Zündapp KS750. Only the very finest examples of these motorcycles were sought out for inclusion in this title.




Interamente illustrato con 250 foto


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