Super Drawings in 3D No. 39

Autore: Troels W. Hansen 

Codice: 817EM015039

€ 30,00

Collana in lingua inglese pubblicata dalla Kagero in Polonia. Ogni volume interamente illustrato con decine di disegni tridimensionali che rivelano ogni particolare e dettaglio della nave presa in esame (del ponte, delle torrette, degli armamenti, del radar, del sistema delle comunicazioni, ecc.). L’agile testo fornisce le principali notizie sull’origine, sviluppo e impiego della nave mentre svariate tabelle forniscono i dati tecnici relativi alla nave e ai suoi armamenti.

In 1906, the British launched one of the most revolutionary ships ever built – HMS Dreadnought. Besides being a big ship powered by turbines the ship was constructed with „all big guns“. This meant that the earlier battleships were typically equipped with just 4 main guns intended to engage other battleships plus an additional number of smaller guns to engage cruisers. The Dreadnought dispensed with the smaller weapons to increase her main battery to 10 12in guns, making her broadside twice as powerful as any other capital ship in the world. This design effectively rendered all other battleships obsolete, and sparked a naval shipbuilding race between the naval powers which consumed a huge portion of their industrial capacity up to and during WWI. Several battleships of different classes were built but learning that both Japan and the United States were implementing 14 inch guns decisive measures were taken to keep the Royal Navy ahead – the Queen Elizabeth class with it‘s fearsome 15 inch guns were therefor introduced. In 1913 the British launched HMS Queen Elizabeth which was often described as a Super Dreadnought: bigger, faster, and more heavily armed and armored than any other ship. During the next few years 4 more ships where launched.




Riccamente illustrato foto, disegni al tratto e artwork in 3D




21 X 30


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