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U.S. WWII & KOREA DODGE 3/4-TON 4X4 WC-54 & WC-64


Codice: 203CM014035

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Collana della Tankograd ideata per i modellisti ed appassionati di mezzi corazzati. Ogni volume di 52 pagine, ampiamente illustrato con oltre 150 illustrazioni in bianco e nero, alcune foto anche a colori, contiene estratti da manuali tecnici originali con l’aggiunta di foto dei veicoli in azione e restaurati. 

The third part of our Dodge series covering the vehicle family in service in WW2 and Korea. As each other volume in the Technical Manual Series this book is lavishly illustrated with wartime photos and technical manual excerpts and also features a detailled textual development history. The Dodge T-214 ¾-ton 4x4 WC-54 Ambulance and WC-64 (KD) Ambulance are conventional all-wheel-drive vehicles, capable of operations over unimproved roads and cross-country at full payload. Automotively they are identical to the other ¾-ton 4x4 models of the T-214 series. The ambulance crew consists of the driver and the ambulance orderly. The field ambulances carry four litters and a supply of blankets and splints, and are capable of transporting eight sitting or four litter cases (patients). Purpose of the field ambulance is the evacuation of casualties from the frontlines to rearward areas through collecting and clearing stations to mobile hospitals, general hospitals, station hospitals or hospital centers depending on the medical condition and medical needs of the casualties.




101 foto in bianco e nero, 6 a colori e 56 disegni tratti dal manuale tecnico




21 X 30


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