AMERICAN EAGLES: US Fighter Pilots in the RAF 1939 - 1945 (Images of War)

Rare photographs from wartime archives

Autore: Tony Holmes

Codice: 220569

€ 22,50

Ampiamente illustrato con foto in bianco e nero il libro traccia le missioni svolte dagli American Eagles sui vari fronti della seconda guerra mondiale.

American Eagles provides a photographic snapshot of the lives of the American fighter pilots who volunteered their services during World War II, as well as the Spitfires and Hurricanes they flew. Keen to help Britain stem the spread of Fascism, or perhaps seeking adventure in a foreign land, a number of American citizens defied the wishes of their government by crossing the border into Canada and subsequently sailing to Britain to join the Royal Air Force. Some were prewar civilian pilots, others were rich playboys and a few were already serving in the RAF when war was declared. Men such as Don Blakeslee, Billy Fiske, 'Gus' Daymond and Jim Dunn, as well as many other notable pilots are featured in this volume, in photographs that have been carefully sourced from official and private archives across the globe. Each image has a detailed caption, chronicling the wartime exploits of the elite 'band of brothers' known as the American Eagles.




Ampiamente illustrato con foto in bianco e nero




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