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Il libro traccia la progettazione, lo sviluppo, la produzione e la versatilità di utilizzo del leggendario Vickers Wellington, da prima della Seconda Guerra Mondiale fino agli anni '50, riccamente illustrato con 211 immagini rare ed inedite.


The Vickers Wellington served with distinction with Bomber Command, RAF Coastal, Transport and Training Commands.

  • The ‘Wimpy’ bore the brunt of the Bomber Command offensive against Germany, making up some 60 percent of the first 1,000 bomber raid on 30 May 1942 
  • Its robust and revolutionary construction devised by Barnes Wallis saved numerous aircraft and lives throughout night bombing raids 
  • Beautifully illustrated with many rare and unpublished photographs 
  • Of interest to aviation and military historians, modellers, gamers and flight simulator enthusiasts

Vickers Wellington covers the design, development, production and operational service of the iconic Vickers Wellington from before the Second World War through to the 1950s. The aircraft and crews served with great distinction from the start to the end of the Second World War despite heavy losses. The aircraft was operated by Bomber Command until replaced by the bigger four-engine heavy bombers and played a major part in the Mediterranean Theatre. Its versatility was shown with maritime operations against the U-boat threat.

It was also used for transport and the hazards of aircrew training. Its geodetic construction, developed from the airship era, made it rugged and capable of absorbing battle damage bring its crews home safely from combat over hostile territory. Illustrated with 211 images, this volume is the definitive history of one of Britain’s most significant aircraft.





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