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Autore: Rodrigo Hernandez Chacon

Codice: 700065001

€ 29,50

Il volume 1 è dedicato all'apprendimento degli elementi di base con cui ogni pittore in miniatura lavora: luce, colore, forma e trama. Questo libro è una guida definitiva per comprendere i segreti dell'illuminare una figura, combinare i colori, evidenziare le forme e migliorare le trame in modo pratico e semplice.


Volume 1 of the Encyclopedia of Figures is dedicated to learning the basic elements that each miniature painter works with: light, colour, form, and texture. This book is a definitive guide to understanding the secrets of illuminating a figure, combining colours, highlighting shapes, and enhancing textures in a practical and easy way.

    A group of excellent painters from various countries have been selected for their mastery of the subjects developed in this book and have focused on the educational aspects to make the secrets of visual language understandable through spectacular images and revealing and entertaining step-by-step processes.

    All the processes and techniques in the book are explained step by step with hundreds of photographs and high-quality tutorial images.

    When you have finished reading this volume you will have expanded your ability to enjoy this small art and you will be able to value the work of the authors and others with a broader knowledge. Perhaps most importantly, you will enjoy the art of figure painting even more.

    Texts, paintings and photos: Rodrigo Hernández Chacón, Krzysztof Kobalczyk, Roman Gruba, Rubén Martínez Arribas, Dimitry Fesechko and David Arroba