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1 1/2 Ton Development, Production and Variants in WW2

Autore: David Doyle

Codice: 633002

€ 100,00

Tutto ciò che si desidera conoscere del camion Chevrolet 1 1/2 ton 4x4, meglio conosciuto come il G506 della seconda guerra mondiale. Oltre 600 foto, molte inedite appartenenti agli archivi della General Motors. Tutte le varianti, i contratti, dati di produzione, di registrazione, ecc., e gli svariati ruoli svolti durante il suo impiego in tutti i teatri di guerra in tutto il mondo: trasporto truppe, camion radio, mezzo anti-incendio, ecc.


The definitive untold story of the Chevrolet, 1 1/2 ton 4x4 truck, aka G506 in WW2. Over 600 pictures including many never before seen pictures from the GM archives. Most of the photographs are either full page or half page with captions. Covers all variants, contracts, production information and more.   Includes a 20+ page chart with production details including variants by year, registration numbers & contract and more. 

As the first Chevrolet 1½ ton G2506 truck rolled off of a GM assembly line in late 1940, the United States military and private industry were over five years into a massive upgrade of America’s fighting machinery. This is the story of one of Chevrolet’s many contributions to that war effort: the 1½ Ton, 4x4 Truck, also known by its U.S. Army designation, G2506. A robust, reliable and versatile platform, the G2506 served in many roles throughout the world, from combat troop carrier, to transport, to mobile floodlight mount, radio truck, fire truck and even aerial gunnery practice vehicle. David Doyle has drawn on the vast archives of General Motors LLC, The National Archives and numerous other sources to carefully document the development, production and wartime US use of this iconic WW2 vehicle. This book contains over 600 photographs, many of which have never before been published, in their original, gorgeous, black and white, medium format clarity.




600 tra foto ed illustrazioni varie




22 x 28




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