Büssing’s schwere Pz.Spähwagen Part 3: schw.Pz.Spähwagen (SdKfz.234) (8-Rad Tp.) and variants

Autore: NUTS & BOLTS

Codice: 464MC001040

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Interessante e dettagliata serie di volumi preparata da noti modellisti di tutto il mondo. Come sempre la ricca iconografia che comprende foto dell’epoca e disegni al tratto sara particolarmente apprezzata dai modellisti.


Our two volumes N&B Volume 35 and 36 on the 8-wheeled armoured cars of the Wehrmacht, did not describe the complete story of these impressive 8-wheeled vehicles, since they dealt exclusively with variants on the Büssing-NAG chassis GS.

Even before the impending military operations in North Africa, the military leadership demanded an armoured scout vehicle, better adapted to the climatic conditions, the great distances and the tactical requirements of a desert war than the vehicle family on the GS chassis, and therefore awarded the contract to Büssing-NAG for the development of a successor type, which was based on the Tp chassis. We are therefore happy to announce Volume 3 of the Heavy Armored Car series.

208 pages A4, glue-bound, approx. 365 photos, of these 175 contemporary photos from manuals, combat and war fronts in b/w, most of them previously unpublished; 150 colour photos of restored vehicles and their components in public and private collections, 40 colour photos of the four models from T.Greenland & V.Branigan, English / German captions, 58 pages English / German text with 5 tables, 28 pages of scale drawings of all versions and details in 1:35 scale from Lieven DeConinck, 18 camouflage schemes from Carlos Vaquerizo with tactical and units signs, for the first time detailed camouflage scheme of the production companies and 3 tables of organization of units (Kriegstärke-Nachweisungen KStN) having these vehicles in their arsenal, first published May 20th, 2018 




Interamente illustrato con 365 photos e disegni al tratto




21 x 30


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