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Numerosi noti modellisti hanno collaborato alla realizzazione di questa collana pubblicata in Grecia, dedicata ai soldatini. Ogni numero contiene consigli e tecniche varie per rendere un soldatino commerciale unico e realistico: la colorazione con i vari tipi di colori in commercio, la conversione, la presentazione e il diorama. 


We have now reached the 14th book in the “Scale Model Handbook” series where we present lots of information, tips and techniques about modelling miniature figures. This time weve assembled eight articles from well-known artists.

As usual our contributors share their techniques for sculpting and describe how they paint their masterpieces, giving their best so every reader will find something they are looking for.

We welcome a new contributor to this edition who is already an established artist - Sang-Eon Lee who runs his own successful company Life Miniatures. He painted the Goblin figure riding the Galapagos Miniatures Siege Giant whereas its sculptor Ju-Won Jung painted the Giant.

The awesome scratch built, three-figure vignette by Sergey Popovichenko, our cover subject for this issue, imparts a lot of detail and step-by-step photos for its construction and painting. This is a unique one-of-a-kind masterpiece Sergey made especially for a private collector.

Juanma Vergara presents another step-by-step - a 200mm German Machine Gunner from Jeff Shiu Miniatures that he painted for the kits Box Art.

“The Coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte” is a small 54mm vignette from Masterclass Miniatures painted by the talented Isaac Jaramillo Sama. It has a lot of added details and results in a really impressive piece.

Louis DOrio returns with a Greek Hoplite bust from Young Miniatures in a short, but very informative article explaining his oil painting technique for flesh, metals and clothing.

I painted the next one - a bust from Stormtrooper Miniatures depicting a Private of the 93rd Highlanders, Crimean War 1854. I really enjoyed painting this colourful 150mm bust and continue with a follow up Colour Guide for “British Red” where you can find the colour recipes for this special red colour using all painting mediums: enamels, oils and acrylics.

Daniel Milosevich painted the 75mm Hospitaller Knight from Pegaso Models in a step-by-step article revealing the secrets of his oil painting techniques.

As always those of us at Mr Black would like to thank all of our contributors for their support and sharing their secrets with us. Special thanks must go to Pietro Balloni, Luca Marchetti, Alex Vallejo, Jon Page, John Fitzgerald, Darren Parker-Mead, Stuart Hale, Man-Jin Kim and Ken Jones.




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