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Rivista bimestrale interamente dedicata ai veicoli militari e ai diorami: costruzione, colorazione, profili, storia, reportages, il tutto illustrato con un ampio apparato fotografico a colori.



In spite of the beauty of its lines, the Luchs isn't a frequent visitor to specialized publications, shows or contests. Fortunately there are always modelers with an excellent taste and know how able to rescue such gems from the mists of forgetfulness. There is also a

great deal of guts on this kit, because we're not all capable of running the risks of doing a mud and dirt job like the one Fabrizio has done. The piece also has an undeniable charm, which is the fruit of the contrast between these effects and its NATO camoufl age.


And talking about peculiar vehicles, here we have another one: A transport truck with added armoring which is by itself quite a "refreshing" piece. Other than the seldom seen subject of this article we also greatly appreciate how Pablo has achieved such a realistic appearance for his vehicle, using methods and means which are all quite simple and available to most modelers. I'm sure that you will learn a lot from this particular article.


We're used to seeing every once in a while an outstanding kit of this self-propelled piece of artillery painted with the traditional NATO camoufl age, but Carlos was determined to recreate it with the desert camoufl age employed in Afghanistan. In

spite of being a diffi cult job, he's also succeeded in making a camoufl age with a number of very realistic weathering effects.


We certainly don't see ambulances very often in our pages, but we've certainly never seen one with Chinese colors on an Iraqi vehicle. Additionally, this has been "seasoned" with dirt and corrosion effects which are quite original. This kit is the way we've chosen to introduce Jean-Jacques to our magazine. 

- 9A52-2 SMERCH

You really have to muster large doses of patience and a lot of guts in order to assemble a kit like the Smerch. It is never easy to deal with kits in this size and make them look attractive, realistic and cool looking like Domingo has succeeded in doing. Precisely because of all of these reasons we decided that you might enjoy having a taste of a seldom seen piece which is quite spectacular in every way.


This time we offer a number of ways to paint exhaust tubes. We're sure that you will fi nd the way which suits you best and helps you obtain optimal results. But as usual we invite you to explore further and develop your own techniques. Certainly that's the goal we aspire to reach with this section.




Riccamente illustrato a colori




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