A century of accuracy and precision

Autore: Dana Jones

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Approfondito studio sui vari modelli di Mauser prodotti e impiegati dalle forze armate svedesi dal 1894 ad oggi. Ampia trattazione di tutti i modelli prodotti, compresi i fucili sperimentali di vario calibro e modelli prodotti in numero limitato di esemplari ed edizioni speciali. Fornisce tutte le caratteristiche, dati tecnici e dati di produzione completi oltre a fornire ogni tipo di informazione e dettaglio relativo ai numerosi accessori, sia militari che commerciali, prodotti per rendere i Mauser “svedesi” più efficienti. Ricca iconografia che comprende quasi 700 illustrazioni.

Here is the first in-depth study of all the Swedish Mausers - the 6.5mm m/94 carbines, m/96 long rifles, m/38 short rifles, Swedish K98Ks (called the m/39 in 7.92x57mm, then, after rechambering to fire the 8x63mm machinegun cartridge, the m/40); sniper rifles, and other military adaptations such as grenade launchers and artillery simulators.

Then the focus shifts to the experimental prototypes and trial match rifles of the 1950s - some in .30-'06 - and finally to the precision competition rifles which became famous around the world. These include the CG 63 and its two military versions, the m/6 and m/7; the folding-stock CG 62 and the CG 63S Biathlon rifles; the CG 63E, which was approved by the British National Rifle Association; the CG 63 Junior Rifles in .22LR calibre; and the later match rifles such as the FFV 67 and CG 80.

The Swedish 6.5x55mm m/94 cartridge, one of the most accurate military rounds ever designed, was further improved in 1941 by the adoption of the excellent m/41 boat-tailed "torpedo" bullet, and numerous loadings are depicted and discussed.

We also cover a wide variety of the micrometer-adjustment rear sight inserts and "diopter" receiver sights which were produced in order to allow shooters to take full advantage of the accuracy and precision of the Swedish Mauser. Full chapters on bayonets and the many accessories, both military and civilian, conclude.




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