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Rivista bimestrale interamente dedicata ai veicoli militari e ai diorami: costruzione, colorazione, profili, storia, reportages, il tutto illustrato con un ampio apparato fotografico a colori.

Panzer Aces launches a special issue focused on Blitzkrieg, a revolutionary military doctrine that characterized Wehrmacht operations between 1939 and 1941. The great importance that Germany placed on the armored forces are showed in a complete issue along the main characters in the dispute.

- PANZERBEFEHLSWAGEN PZ.BFWG 38 (T) AUSF B. By Michel Pérez Blasco. A small Czech AFV which eventually became rather useful for the German Army, one of the great stars of the Blitzkrieg. 1/35 scale.

- RENAULT FT 17. One of the consequences of the Blitzkrieg was the capture of a considerable amount of enemy war material. Abilio Piñeiro gives us an example of this with his German FT-17.1/35 scale.  

- STUG III AUSF.B. Another feature of the Blitzkrieg was the common use of self-propelled artillery for infantry backup. Carlos Alba recreates this Stug with its peculiar brown spot camouflage on the roof of its casemate,1/35 scale.

- SD.KFZ 232. Scout vehicles on wheels were present throughout the conflict in varied forms. Ivan Momcilovic deploys a wide range of techniques on his 232 and his elaborated dirt application work, 1/35 scale.

- WAITING FOR THE TOWING VEHICLE, FRANCE 1940 A very interesting vignette with French AFV and their flashy schemes in a natural enviroment made by Jorge Porto. 1/35 scale.

- MODELLING LESSONS: MUD. This time we have been doing some tests for recreating easily mud and doing mud splashes in Blitzkrieg landscapes.




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