The Legendary 2-ton Unimog Truck in German Army Service – Part 3 – Special Variants

Codice: 203CM004049

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Serie della Tankograd con foto a colori e in bianco e nero oltre a disegni al tratto che presenta il mezzo da ogni angolazione con informazioni sullo sviluppo, impiego, varianti, prototipi, dati tecnici, ecc.

Since 1978, the 2-ton Unimog U1300L has shown its worth in service with the German Bundeswehr as the successor to the legendary 1.5-ton Unimog S. Today the U1300Ls still serve as workhorses in many different units and the vehicles have also proved themselves in the Bundeswehr's international deployments, even under sometimes extreme climatic and topographic conditions. There are still some 5,400 U1300L trucks in service, this alone is proof of their quality, durability and persistence. For the first time this trilogy shows the variants and tasks of the U1300L within the Bundeswehr in unprecedented detail:

5047 - Part 1: Predecessors, Development, Technology

5048 - Part 2: Cargo Truck and Walkaround

5049 - Part 3: Special Variants Ambulance, Fire Truck, Shelters




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