2014 Limited Edition Reprint

Autore: R. Blake Stevens

Codice: 606009

€ 68,00

Il libro traccia lo sviluppo della pistola Browning dal primissimo modello prodotto nel 1922 ai successivi modelli militari e sportivi sino al 1985. Contiene inoltre, un ampio capitolo sulla produzione della pistola High Power in Canada durante la seconda guerra mondiale. Le 280 foto e disegni, prestati dalla Fabrique Na­tionale sono originali e rari.

An in-depth chronicle covering over ninety years of High Power history, beginning with John M. Browning's original 16 shot prototypes of 1922. Profusely illustrated with rare original photos and drawings from the FN Archive to describe virtually every sporting and military version of the High Power. The numerous modifications made over the years to the basic design are accurately arranged in chronological order, to aid in dating any FN High Power to within a few years of its production. Includes a full chapter on the WWII Canadian made Inglis Browning High Power. The First Edition of this popular book appeared in 1984, and over the years it has been reprinted numerous times. The expanded 1990 edition contained 30 new pages on the interesting Argentine selective fire “PB a Ráfaga”, the FN ’K3' and BDA9 pistols, plus FN's revolutionary P90 5.7x28mm Personal Defence Weapon, an Index, and more.

This 2014 Limited Edition reprint includes everything from previous printings plus a further brand new, full colour 12 page section covering events such as the 1973 establishment of the FN Viana sporting arms assembly facility in Portugal, and High Power models introduced in more recent years, such as the FN .40 calibre HP, the apparently unauthorised Indian MK IA “clone” of the Inglis No. 2 Mk. I* pistol produced by RFI (Rifle Factory Ishapore), and the Bulgarian ARCUS 9mm High Power copy.




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