The GTK Multirole Armoured Wheeled Vehicle in Modern German Army Service

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Serie della Tankograd con foto a colori e in bianco e nero oltre a disegni al tratto che presenta il mezzo da ogni angolazione con informazioni sullo sviluppo, impiego, varianti, prototipi, dati tecnici, ecc.

The hand-over of the first GTK Boxer-series vehicle on 23 September 2009 opened a new chapter for the Bundeswehr in terms of highly mobile, armoured transport vehicles. Based on current plans, series production of the GTK Boxer Multirole Armoured Wheeled Vehicle (Gepanzertes Transport Kraftfahrzeug) should include 272 vehicles for the German Bundeswehr and 200 vehicles for the Dutch Koninklijke Landmacht. Within the Bundeswehr, the Boxer will take over future missions currently being performed by the M 113 or Transportpanzer 1 Fuchs. From 2009-16, Germany procures 125 Armoured Personnel Carriers (Gruppentransportfahrzeuge), 65 Command Vehicles (Führungsfahrzeuge), 72 Heavy Armoured Ambulance Vehicles (schwere geschützte Sanitätskraftfahrzeuge) and 10 Driver Training Vehicles (Fahrschulfahrzeuge). All these variants are covered in great textual and pictorial detail in this publication.




Oltre 150 foto a colori 




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