TURTLE RECALL Creating the crazy camo of Takom's Turtle

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Ben affermata rivista mensile inglese ben nota anche ai modellisti italiani. I numeri pari sono dedicati al modellismo terrestre con illustratissimi articoli dedicati ai mezzi corazzati, mentre i numeri dispari, sempre interamente illustrati a colori, sono dedicati al modellismo aeronautico.


MIM – June ’16 (62) – Published 19th May 2016

4 News Military model product news

8 SEEING IS BELIEVING ICM’s curious-looking Panther Beobachtungspanzer in 1:35

14 VIETNAM EARTH MOVER Tamiya re-issue Italeri’s classic 1:35 M107 self-propelled howitzer with extra parts

16 ORDNANCE DEPOT New and recent accessory sets and modelling materials

18 KLIMENT VOROSHILOV’S COLOSSUS NO.1 Dennis Wong describes the creation of a diorama featuring Trumpeter’s KV-1E

22 A DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH Reference images of the Panther A

28 LATE-WAR DEVELOPMENT MiniArt’s new 1:35 T-44 comes with a detailed interior

30 NECESSITY IS THE MOTHER OF INVENTION Creating an Iraqi Army MT-LB in 1:35 with ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft gun

36 COVER-STORY: TURTLE RECALL Takom’s 1:35 Škoda Turtle armoured car and its complex camouflage

44 IN THE DOGHOUSE The Nagmachon is Tiger Models’ newest 1:35 AFV kit

46 THE FIGHTING FINNS A photo report from the Parola Tank Museum, the Finnish army’s historic tank collection

54 HEAD OF THE CLAN Takom’s new 1:35 Chieftain Mk.5 in Iranian Army colours

61 SEEING IN THE DARK German FuMO 214B, Würzburg-Riese radar set,

62 BOOK REVIEWS Military model-related book reviews

66 SIGN OFF Anti-aircraft duties on a runway under construction





Interamente illustrato a colori


21 x 30


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