FIRING NOW! - Tank, Anti-Tank and Artillery Ammunition UK & USA, 1939-1945 (GREEN SERIES)

Autore: Dick Taylor

Codice: 211232

€ 34,00

La storia delle munizioni dell’artiglieria anticarro e dei semoventi statunitensi e britannici della seconda guerra mondiale. Foto dell’epoca e artwork a colori.


This book explores the fascinating history of tank, anti-tank and self-propelled artillery ammunition used by the British and Americans in World War 2. As well as examining the major ammunition types in detail, the work also explains, for the first time in a book of this type, how ammunition functions and is made to be accurate. The guns and weapons used to fire the ammunition are also covered, as is a comprehensive lexicon of terminology and an extensive list of references. The whole is complemented by stunning artwork showing the ammunition and its associated packaging, with many period photographs of the ammunition in use




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