A modellers Guide to the Art of WW1 Aircraft

Autore: J.Veen, F. Hendrickx

Codice: 205045

€ 34,00

After two long years of building and writing the moment we all have been waiting for has arrived: the release of "Stringbag! A modellers guide to building WWI airplanes" will take place on October 21st during Scale Model Challenge 2017 in Veldhoven, The Netherlands. This book focuses on WWI Aircraft exclusively with a strong relation to Wingnut Wings models. Jeroen Veen and Flip Hendrickx have a deep passion for these models and wanted to share their experience, hoping to inspire in a way modellers that feel the same about this era in history. This book is filled to the brim with thoughts, ideas and techniques to get the best results from WWI airplane kits. All specific techniques to build these kits are included and illustrated in the book, and Jeroen and Flip bring two distinct and individual approaches to modelling these fascinating aircraft. "Stringbag! A modellers guide to building WWI airplanes" contains the following chapters: Full build articles: Hansa-Brandenburg W.29 DH.9A Ninak AEG G.IV (Late) Hannover CI.II Roland D.Via Albatros BII Special theme articles: Painting wood Painting leather Painting Castor oil staining Carving props Rigging Creating a small vignette