UNIMOG 1,5-TONNER S The Legendary 1.5-ton Unimog Truck in German Service Part 1 - Development / Technology / Walkaround


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Serie della Tankograd con foto a colori e in bianco e nero oltre a disegni al tratto che presenta il mezzo da ogni angolazione con informazioni sullo sviluppo, impiego, varianti, prototipi, dati tecnici, ecc.

For many German ex-soldiers, Unimog means first and foremost the Unimog Type S, known as the “one-and-a-half tonner”. This type of truck was their daily workhorse and, with a massive 36,638 Unimog S trucks in service with the Bundeswehr, the word omnipresent could well be applied here. This figure also makes the Type S the top of the line in terms of military trucks delivered to the German armed forces. The production output is also reflected in an active service period stretching 53 years, and a service record with almost all German units in the army, navy and air force. This trilogy comprehensively shows the Unimog S’s development, technology and German army variants. Versions covered include cargo, box body, ambulance, dummy training tank, fire engine, double-cab driver-trainer, armoured trucks, specialised air force variants and many more. A major work with a total of 360 photos and illustrations as well as five 1/35 scale drawings on 198 pages in three volumes.




50 foto in bianco e nero, 59  a colori e 12 disegni




21 x 30


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