1961 onwards (all roles and nationalities)

Autore: Ken MacTaggart

Codice: 200218

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Tutto sul mondo degli astronauta: cosa fanno, il volo nello spazio, gli equipaggiamenti, l’addestramento, ecc. Ampia trattazione anche delle missioni statunitensi e Russe del passato e uno sguardo alle missioni del prossimo futuro.


The Haynes Astronaut Manual provides an insight into what an astronaut does, the experience of space flight, the equipment he uses, and what it takes to become an astronaut. Although concentrating on contemporary astronaut selection and flight, especially with NASA, ESA and Russia, it also covers astronaut experiences of pioneering missions of the past and some proposed for the near future, such as lunar flight and landing, asteroid rendezvous and travel to Mars. The engaging text, illustrated with a wide range of photographs and illustrations, and featuring unique insight from astronauts past and present, takes the reader on a fascinating journey through an astronaut’s career – from selection and training, through experiences in space, to returning to life on Earth after experiencing the vastness of space. Essential reading for space enthusiasts and anybody interested in learning about what it takes to become an astronaut.




Interamente illustrato con foto e disegni


21 x 27