From its Roman Origins to the Gulf Conflict

Autore: Bryan Perrett

Codice: 220588

€ 28,00

Nuova edizione, aggiornata ai recenti conflitti in Iran e Iraq, di un classico del 1988. Resoconto delle battaglie che nel corso della storia si sono combattute in zone desertiche. 

Approximately one-fifth of the earth's surface consists of desert, and throughout history these arid regions have witnessed some of the world's most decisive battles. Here, Bryan Perrett gives an absorbing account of desert conflicts from the first century BC to more contemporary conflicts such as those in Iran and Iraq. As he demonstrates, acclimatization and familiarization with the day-to-day problems of desert life are vital not only to teach troops how to protect themselves and their equipment, but also to bring them to terms with the harsh environment. The desert does not compromise, and battles fought there result in total victory or total defeat, often at horrific cost. Initially released in 1988 by Patrick Stephens Limited, this re-issue marks a determination on the author's and the publisher's part to keep an esteemed publication in print.






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